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Your One-Stop-Shop - Building the Fund

Embrace the future of investment with Roxburgh Production Fund, where capital and equity become the catalysts for unprecedented growth. Our pioneering approach splits your investment in two dynamic streams. A bold percentage flows into cutting-edge financial instruments, generating a regular income that knows no bounds. As leaders in innovation, we reimagine traditional funding models to bring you external, monthly to year-round gains.

The other half becomes a powerhouse, fueling visionary creativity. We scour the horizon, identifying niche opportunities and businesses with broad appeal. Through our professional expertise, we nurture and develop captivating film, online TV, and other groundbreaking productions. Together, we ride the waves of success, reaping real income gains in the medium to long term.

Choose Roxburgh Production Fund - where innovation meets professionalism and the future is redefined.

Creative Investments

Our Primarily investments will be focus on the following sectors:

Discover a world of boundless creativity with Roxburgh Production Fund's diverse portfolio of ventures.

Unveil the magic of Feature Films - masterpieces crafted with originality, impeccable writing, and dynamic multi-genre appeal.

Immerse yourself in captivating Online Television Series, from children's delights to mind-bending sci-fi and drama.

Witness a renaissance in Animation, as we unite the talents of UK's finest animators under one groundbreaking studio.

Our Post-Production Facilities serve as the bedrock, seamlessly blending every element to create awe-inspiring productions.


Step into the realm of innovation with our Creative Products - a treasure trove of sound libraries, animations, and captivating inventions brimming with entertainment value.


At Roxburgh Production Fund, we redefine the landscape of creative ventures, where limitless imagination meets the promise of unparalleled success.

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