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Our Team

A Team You Can Trust: Experience and Know-How

James A Barry


30 years experience in the creative industries, with two feature films and several award winning shorts. James also collaborated on well over 40 different creative projects as well as starting this fund and other start up companies.

Mandy Belnick

Director of Marketing

Former Deputy Director of Marketing at Paramount Studios UK, with 300 films under her belt.

Mandy has twenty years of experience working as a marketing for companies in South Africa, Germany and here in the UK. Has extensive experience in managing large scale events too.

Martin Denham

Senior Producer

Martin now adopts an entrepreneurial approach to identify new opportunities for storytelling in the ever-evolving digital landscape through his production company GO! BIG PICTURES.

Martin is also active in the industry as a member of DirectorsUK and secretary of the Writers/Producers/Directors branch at BECTU. He also teaches filmmaking and story construction/script analysis.

Gavin Peacock

Senior Financial Strategist

Former SVP at Barclays and UBS, Gavin's knowledge and sound financial advice brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the fund.

Gavin has traveled extensively, building relationships over the last twenty five years in the financial world.

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